Hot or cold?The secret of diet

Written by alternative_healing

November 2, 2021

Diet of ancient China might be the effective and healthy way to control issues concerning
weight management. When adequately prepared, the avoided fatty meat meals and rice-heavy
dishes offer you a healthy, filling feeling, cure illnesses, and prolong life.
Many people might think that this is inaccurate due to the high obesity cases in China. However,
many food experts say that the reason behind it is the increase in consumption of over-
processed Western food.
Weight can be managed through the following tips derived from ancient China, including:


Diet of ancient China might be the effective and healthy way to control issues concerning weight management.

1. Warming food to improve the process of digestion. Proper eating was an essential part of ancient Chinese culture. The Chinese referred to a warm digestive process as a digestive fire that needs to be fed by flammable wood to keep on burning effectively. Cooking food was essential as it enabled the food to be free of harmful microorganisms, making it edible. Eating warm food or taking the time to warm food before consumption plays a massive role in indigestion. Other than making the food soft and easy to ingest, warm meals improve the digestion process due to the conducive environment provided by the food for enzymatic activities to take place.
Warm-cooked foods increase the body metabolism as they burn up quickly. A diet that
nurtures your digestive process speeds your metabolism, and sooner rather than later, you will notice signs of weight loss. The traditional diet consisted of eating warm foods and decreased bloating, more energy levels, and a more consistent bowel movement. Making a hot cup of cinnamon tea is an all-natural way that you could try when you want to shed some of those stubborn kilos. This bittersweet spice increases metabolism and manages your blood sugar levels, all of which are important in a weight loss regime. Add a dash of lemon and a teaspoon of honey and enjoy this healthy cup that will boost your weight management journey.
Cold foods are metabolism biggest enemy. When it comes to cold meals, it is no doubt that the digestion process causes ill health. Cold meals derail the process of digestion to a much slower rate, putting you at a risk of dealing with stomach upsets. In addition, constantly eating cold salads might trigger the accumulation of food as undigested energy stored as fat.

2. Fixing an impaired stomach and spleen channel, thus digestion. A deficient spleen and stomach mainly cause upper body fat. The spleen is responsible for maintaining and facilitating balance in your bodily fluids and the absorption of fats. When the stomach and spleen channels are weak, one tends to have a hunger that drives them to eat constantly. This results in an unnecessary and excessive intake of nutrients. This build-up gathers along the upper body forming an apple-shaped figure. A weak spleen and stomach obstruct the transport of water resulting in an excessive appetite. When you have problems with your spleen, you can experience bloating and feeling full quickly after meals. This explains why one often craves sweet foods after consuming meals. Having a dietary change can work when you have a terrible stomach and spleen. The foods you eat can aid in repairing any impairment present. Incorporating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats will boost the process of digestion and, ultimately, weight management.
3. Acupuncture for weight management. Acupuncture promotes positive health benefits. Based on Chinese medicine traditions, acupuncture points are used to restore balance to your blood, liver, and kidneys and strengthen bodily functions. Essential acupuncture points like Stomach 36 and Spleen 6 are pressure points that can be worked on to promote weight management. By needling Spleen 6, we can influence the
organs located in the parasympathetic nervous system and the lower abdomen. This holistic practice can be used to boost metabolism levels and improve the process of digestion, thus playing a huge role in weight loss. It is known that individuals suffering
from obesity can benefit highly from acupuncture massages in the stomach and the spleen meridians. Therefore, acupuncture can be incorporated into your weight loss journey. The people of ancient China cracked the code on healthy living and eating. The diet mostly contained soups, vegetables, grains, and occasionally red meat. This provided the body with a filling feeling and beneficial nutrients. In addition, they practised holistic Chinese medicine that set the standard for weight loss and management through acupuncture points, taking care of the stomach and spleen and eating warm meals.

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