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I’m Caitriona and I’ve been practicing acupuncture since 2008 after completing my training in both Dublin & Nanjng, China.

I also hold a Bsc Sports Therapy & Diploma in Remedial Massage & Tuina.

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Catriona Hicks

Acupuncture, Pain & Injury Relief


Why did I get involved in Acupuncture for pain and injury relief?

I slipped a disc in my lower back on my early twenties & on my quest for pain relief & healing I tried various therapies including physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture & osteopathy, with great success.

Having experienced my own journey of recovery from pain, surgery & relapse of my herniated disc, I am especially motivated to support others who are experiencing pain in any form.

I specialise in the treatment of pain & injuries including back pain, neck pain, slipped disc, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, sciatica, migraine & much more.

If you are in pain and finding no real relief or if you have been unfortunate to suffer from an injury please get in touch.

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