About Me

Having grown up in a family with a passion for fitness my childhood was very busy and full of sports such as boxing, football, Gaelic football hurling and cycling to name a few! I knew very early on that sports and fitness would be an area in my adulthood I would work in! Although to be honest it never felt like work, as I have such a passion for the industry. I suffered many personal injuries through work and sports and was therefore driven in the area of sports therapy with the idea of learning how to heal the body through natural and safe techniques helping clients move away from pharmaceutical temporary pain relief.

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Fred McGoldrick

ITEC Gym instructor, ITEC Group fitness instructor, ITEC Advanced personal training
and nutrition specialist, ITEC Sports massage

I have built up a long list of clientele which I am proud to say I have been a part of the healing journey. Having worked with clients from minor injuries to clients with extremely limited muscle movement and have felt so rewarded to see and be a part of their journey.

As as sports therapist, I utilise sports and exercise principles to optimise performance and injury prevention programmes provide immediate care of injuries and basic life support in a recreational training, occupational and competitive environment assess, treat, rehabilitate and where and if appropriate refer on to a specialist for advice and intervention.

Provide soft tissue interventions in a sports and exercise context plan and and implement appropriate soft tissue interventions in a sports and exercise context plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation and the return to training/work programmes.