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I am a fully ITEC certified and professional Reflexologist. As a registered member of the Irish Reflexologist’ Institute, my reflexology treatments are recognised and covered by the health insurers Irish Life, Laya Health Care and VHI.
In my profession I strive to improve the physical and mental condition of my patients. I seek to stimulate the body’s systems and organs and to release energy flows in order to help the body’s natural healing process. I work to bring relaxation to my patients which will help to attain physical and mental well-being.

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Laura Mazzucato


Reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy where pressure is applied – through the thumbs and fingers – to different parts of the feet and hands – known as “reflex areas”. These reflex areas are connected to the body’s corresponding organs, glands, and systems via the nervous Reflexology treatment is gentle, natural, and non-invasive. Its purpose is to encourage relaxation and to stimulate the body’s own healing process. It helps to release blocked energy, stimulates the movement of energy, it improves blood circulation, thus increasing the efficiency of organs and cells. This will in turn restore a healthy homeostatic balance to the body. Reflexology improves health, enhances relaxation, boosts the immune system, prevents illness, and relieves pain for a better quality of life.

I consider knowing how to bring balance and relaxation to the body through those essential parts of the body are feet, as one of the noblest and most beautiful skills I could have learned and developed.