About Me

My name is Monika Kiedrowicz.

My passion is a healthy lifestyle and helping others to feel better and improving their wellness. I have a vast interest and knowledge not only in reflexology and bioresonance therapy but also in nutrition and healthy habits. I strongly believe that we can become healthier by using natural therapies. I am a living example of a person who recovered from two serious illnesses, which led me to the place in life I am now in – thanks to these experiences I became a reflexologist and bioresonance therapist.

My mission is to help you feel good and healthy.

Queries & Booking

Call Monika  086 2075641

Bioresonance Test Regular Price €120  Special Price  € 85

Reflexology Regular Price € 60 Special Price €49

Email: alternativehealingcentre8@gmail.com

Monika Kiedrowicz

Bioresonance therapist and Reflexologist

 I am an ITEC accredited Reflexology Massage Therapist and also Bioresonance Therapist.

I offer reflexology sessions, which bring overall benefits to the body and improve general wellbeing.

I conduct full-body scans using a very advanced device called bioresonance. It is a result of combining medicine, bioinformatics, electronic engineering, and quantum medicine. The device instantly analyses the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, state of all organs, toxins levels, and hormone levels to mention only a few. With the bioresonance you receive more information about your body than with well-known blood tests.

A detailed report allows us to accurately select appropriate ways of improving health in a natural way. Individually selected recommendations and their implementation bring a lot of benefits and improve overall health.

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