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I am a biodynamic massage therapist and Trainee psychotherapist of Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre preparing for application for registration with UKCP, however, before I found my passion for body psychotherapy, I worked for 10+ years in the corporate world. I have realized how little integration there is between body and mind as it seems we are forever running after something instead of being present with ourselves. I am passionate about a more holistic approach to life, and I firmly believe that life reflects what we feel, I aim to help you reconnect with your true self

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Valentina Spagnesi

Psychotherapist, Counselling, Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage can be part of the psychotherapy process as one way of working with the body and is also available as a treatment on its own to work with tension and stress, psychosomatic symptoms and to increase body awareness.Biodynamic Massage reaches for the inner dynamic of a person. Its aim is to establish a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

It consists of a number of techniques which work specifically with the energy held within the physical structure of thebody, from bone and muscular levels to the connective tissue and skin layers as well as the energy field. With its holistic and therapeutic understanding, biodynamic massage is very much part of the Body Psychotherapy tradition.

It helps to relieve chronic symptoms such as headaches, hypertension, pain, digestive problems, skin complaints, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Because of its combined physical and emotional scope, Biodynamic massage is especially suited for working with psychosomatic symptoms.

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