About Me

Like everyone I was a sheep for convention until my severe migraine and Hypothyroidism were resolved by taking a chance and looking at the underlying issues of stress, low immunity, insomnia, and poor diet… by getting to the route of the cause, by balancing all my body systems through Acupuncture and TCM Herbs, resulting in better sleep, increased energy, better ability to cope with stress, my life is So improved, I have changed my career totally as I wanted to inspire hope to people who have complicated health issues and can’t get a resolution through the standard conventional route, while these modalities complement conventional medicine. I love helping people achieve peace from mental and physical pain, stress, weak immunity or health.

Queries & Booking

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Elizabeth Reamonn

Acupuncture, TCM Herbs, Reiki Teacher

Combining treatments ensures maximum Healing and Health benefits. My clients benefit trying various Healing Therapies, and enjoy the value of only paying for one therapy. They become more self-aware and feel optimistic in managing stress, in a healthy natural way, increasing optimum health. They are empowered in the knowledge, they are helping to prevent chronic conditions and disease.

Qualifications in Healing Therapies

  • Accredited ITEC Diploma of Reflexology & Holistic Studies
  • Qualified Reiki Master Teacher
  • Diploma Indian Head Massage
  • Certificate in Clinical Medicine
  • Diploma in TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Diploma in Acupuncture
  • Certificate Thai-foot massage
  • Certificate Hopi-ear Candling
  • Distinction in Accredited ITEC Anatomy & Physiology
  • Certificate Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils in Massage
  • First Aid Certificate of Competency
  • Completed Post Grad in Gynaecology & Obstetrics