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Why should I do a Reiki workshop?

Reiki is a deeply relaxing healing technique based on the principle that you can channel energy to activate the natural healing process, restoring physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is a therapy completely based on energy and relaxation. The different levels help give you the tools for managing stress and learning how to relax easier, both personally or to share with family and friends or by practising it professionally.

Reiki Level 1 gives you the tools for Individual stress relief, becoming more aware of everything around you and when completed, affords you to be able to attend any Reiki Share in the country.

Reiki Level 2 goes deeper helping you to heal mentally and emotionally.

Practitioner Level is appropriate if you decide to do Reiki professionally and Reiki 3, is a spiritual level or master Level, allowing you to share the different levels with others.


This Reiki Workshop at Advanced Practitioner Level Training is a wonderful continuation of the Reiki journey. It more than meets all the requirements of Reiki Healing Training, as outlined in the Reiki Federation of Ireland guidelines.

If you are serious about opening your own Reiki Healing Practise then this Reiki Workshop is for you. Learn best Business Practise for advertising your business, get great marketing tips. Ensure you and your website are listed as a recognised Reiki Practitioner in your area.

Expand your Reiki Healing Potential and vibrations further. Help people to become more self-aware, by doing so you will experience self-awareness yourself, through Reiki healing like never-before.  Feed your essence with new mind and body connections. Explore the attitudes that can contribute to physical ailments. It is a crucial step in practical Stress Management. Book this Reiki Workshop at Advanced Practitioner Level now, you will be a new, more confident you.

You will never look back, just keep moving forward with new Reiki Healing confidence.

What the Course will Cover:

  • Revise Reiki 1 & 2, the History of Reiki, Healing and Balancing Chakras
  • Distant Healing revision for friends, family and clients living faraway
  • The science behind how Reiki restores balance to our health
  • Duty of Client Care
  • Professional Conduct
  • Clinical Practise
  • Case Studies
  • Getting your treatment practise ready
  • How to market your business
  • Advertising, Newspapers, Radio, Talks, Publicity Materials and Other Publicity
  • Record Keeping
  • What to charge
  • Membership of Professional Body
  • Continued Professional Development
  • Health and Safety and Fire Regulations

During the level, separate online meetings will be scheduled to discuss Case Study development, sharing experiences with each-other and having continuous support. Students will learn how to continue to build their self-confidence, how to maximise on feeling good about yourself.

You will feel empowered and enthusiastic after this Advanced Practitioner Reiki Workshop Training, giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to set up your own Reiki Business Practise. Students will be required to Independently gain First Aid Certification including all Covid Guidelines, plus Certification of Anatomy and Physiology following this level, if you choose to join the Reiki Federation, as this is a requisite.

18hrs completion Plus 16hrs for Case Studies and 4 hours for administrative records is required as a perquisite for this level, in accordance with the Reiki Federation guidelines.

Requirements to Attend:

In order to attend the Advanced Practitioner Level Reiki Workshop you will need to have completed Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2 (with myself or another teacher) It is a requirement to bring with you, your Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Certificate and Manual.

What you will leave with:

You will leave with an Accredited Certificate recognised by the Reiki Federation and a Manual for each level workshop. You will also recieve a Reiki Lineage Breakdown after this Reiki Practitioner Level Workshop

Our next Reiki Practitioner Level Workshop dates to be confirmed

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Other Reiki Courses and Workshops

Next Workshop Date: TBC

First degree Reiki is known as the Physical Level, bringing us into harmony with the physical body, our environment, people and animals.

Once you have completed the Reiki Level 1 workshop, you will be permanently attuned and connected to the Reiki source of universal life energy which is in every atom of the universe and you will be entitled to attend any Reiki Share nationwide.

Requirements to attend:

As this is the beginners level, there are no requirements just a keen interest to learn about Reiki is required.

Visit our Reiki Level 1 Workshop page for more information >

Next Workshop Date: TBC

Level 2 Reiki Workshop is known as the mental & emotional level. It helps us to be in harmony with our inner thoughts, beliefs and emotions, becoming more in-tune with our intuition.

Requirements to attend:

In order to attend the Level 2 Reiki Workshop you will need to have completed Reiki level 1 (with myself or another teacher) It is a requirement to bring with you, your Reiki 1 Certificate and Manual.

A minimum of 14 hrs supervised training by the Reiki Teacher is necessary for this level, plus a minimum of 10 hours practical using Level 2. (Self-healing, treating family and friends, distant-healing, Reiki share or any other practical experience at the discretion of the Reiki teacher.)

Visit our Reiki Level 2 Workshop page for more information >

Next Workshop Date: TBC

The Master Level 3 Reiki workshop is known as the Spiritual Level, linking the Physical, Mental, Emotional layers with the Spiritual level, Body, Mind and Spirit. The Masteries we talk about are Love, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Compassion and Acceptance. It relates to Self-Mastery.

Requirements to attend:

You will need to have completed Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 Workshops, we request you bring your Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 Manuals and Certificates if not levels not completed with Alternative Healing.

Visit our Reiki 3 Master Level Workshop page for more information >