Reiki and Holistic Healing

Written by Alternative Healing

September 7, 2021

The word “holistic” may equate to some people as “universal or alternative” therapies. While these are aspects of holistic health, there is much, much more to it.

The body, mind and spirit are separate entities, but it is vital that they exist in balance if we want to feel happy and healthy.

If your body is falling, your mind and soul will be affected too. Equally, your mind and thoughts are powerful enough to affect your body. It is especially important that those three entities are healthy, connected and in balance.

Your emotional state, feelings and health can be very easily influenced by the environment in which you are currently living. Negative thoughts, stress, trauma, fights, and grief can all have negative impact on not only your mind but also the state of your body.

You currently may be going through difficult period, in which you may:

  • be feeling overwhelmed
  • be stressed
  • be feeling useless… and not sure where to start again
  • be feeling hopeless
  • be feeling that nobody understands you
  • be feeling emotionally exhausted

It is ok too have these feelings; what is important is that you do not just disregard them.

You may need some gentle energy which can help you to restart and balance your mind, soul, and body again.

Reiki is an incredible life force energy which could help you to heal your body and mind. It also could help you to understand your inner self. With Reiki you may discover your deeper feelings and inner dreams, which you may have kept suppressed for a long time; and it may lead you to finding your own power.

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