It’s all about the base

Written by Alternative Healing

September 30, 2021

When you think of Reiki, people usually associate with chakras which are linked to every duct in the body also referred to as the endocrine system. Each gland is linked to a colour and a specific area of the body. Today we are going to discuss the root chakra.

The Base or Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is the 1st of 7 major chakras in the body. This is the area of the body where your ambitions interests in life and sex drive originate, it also has strong links with your feelings, pleasure and pain. The base chakra is all about the physical aspects of life and physicality. The Tribal Centre- the Family we are born into. We learn to be in this body this life, the structure of the body, the spine, the legs, hips, knees, bones, feet, rectum, immune system, feeling safe, loved and wanted.


Blockages in the Base Chakra can cause low energy, stress, anxiety and anger. When your base chakra is balanced you may feel strong enough to make a change, move forward or will just  feel more confident and secure in yourself and your abilities.

Reiki is an excellent modality of healing that helps to balance all the body energy and systems. When the Base Chakra is unbalanced or blocked the physical aspects shown will present with symptoms such as digestive issues, back hip and knee pain, period issues and immunity imbalances.   

In Reiki, during the treatment hands are placed near the Base Chakra and energy is passed to the area. After the negative forms of energy are removed your stream of energy is recovered and flows smoothly through your body and it is a safe and natural method of healing.

1 hour of Reiki is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep as it is linked to REM  Rapid Eye Movement, if the body and mind are relaxed it aids with the healing process and optimal health.

To unblock imbalance in the base Chakra engage with the earth through activities such as gardening, hiking, walking barefoot and hip-shaking exercises.

Beans, Nuts, Eggs and  Root Vegetables are associated with the base Chakra.

As the primary colour for the Base Chakra is RED you can also use RED CRYSTALS such as LIGHT RED ALMANDINE GARNET, RED JASPER and  CUPRITE.